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Gastrolux Care and Use Guidelines

These summary guidelines are those published by Gastrolux

Thoroughly wash your Gastrolux product using hot water and washing-up liquid, then dry well.

Heat the pan up and lightly coat the interior surface with a small amount of cooking oil.

Always heat the pan before adding food to be cooked.

Handles tolerate temperatures up to 240 degrees centigrade (Removable handles are not oven proof and must be removed).

For cleaning, use warm water and washing-up liquid.

Burnt on fats reduce the non stick effect and should be removed immediately

Remember too that:

The clear lids allow you to view your food as it is cooking. They also have a steam release knob - just turn the knob when necessary. Steaming food preserves vitamins and reduces energy consumption, too.


Read carefully and entirely the use- and care- instructions. Be familiar with and follow in either case the given rules and directions. If there is something you don’t understand address to the sales point. You will receive comprehensive and detailed information.


Remove the fixations at the rim and the protection at the bottom of your pan, pot or special item. Clean your item with warm water and a detergent. Dry well your item and rub some cooking-oil in your item.


To keep the unique qualities and beauty of your pan we recommend not using knives and sharp utensils. We recommend using our heat resistant, hygienic silicon kitchen-tools.


The fix designer handle, the handles of the two-handle pans and the knobs of the lids are oven-proof until 240oC. If using your pan in the oven, to take it out use oven cloth or other suitable material when touching handle, the handles of the two-handle pans and the knobs of the lids. The removable designer handle must not be used in the oven.


If your pan has a counter handle to touch it use oven cloth or other suitable material.


Clean your pan with hot water and a detergent. If you scorch something to clean use Scotch-Brite sponge. Do not put Gastrolux® pans in the dishwasher.


Gastrolux®-products are suitable for gas, electric, glass ceramic and halogen cooking surfaces. For induction chose our induction-line. It suits beside induction all other cooking surfaces. If empty or unobserved never let your pan on a working cooking surface.


Use the correct hotplate. The bottom of pan and hotplate must have the same diameter. Especially avoid cooking on hotplates bigger than the bottom of the pan. Pans with convex or concave bottoms should no longer be used. The loss of energy can go up to 50%. If possible use a lid. You can reduce energy consumption up to two third. Use as less water as possible. Your Gastrolux®-product is an excellent heat reservoir. Heat for short time your pan and then reduce energy source to the middle or low level. A lot of dishes can be finished without more energy consumption.


Before using always check your glass ceramic hotplates for remains of residue between the glass ceramic and the base of your cookware. Any small particles - e.g. salt, pepper, sugar etc. - can cause scratches to either the ceramic surface or cookware. Never slide your pan, pot or special item back and forth. Always lift your cookware when you would like to move it


Because of the very fast heating you can not preheat non-stick pans. Put always your pan in the middle of the accordant induction stove top: Stove top Ø 15 cm – active bottom of induction pan Ø 14,5 cm Stove top Ø 18 cm – active bottom of induction pan Ø 17,5 cm Stove top Ø 22 cm – active bottom of induction pan Ø 21,5 cm

Under certain circumstances there may be some noise cooking on induction stove top. The noise is coming from the electromagnetic characteristics of induction stoves and pans. The noise does not affect the function of both of them.


Read and be familiar with the information concerning the heat resistance of the oils or fats you are using. Failure to do so could result in burning. Burnt oils and fats release bitumen resin which are no more to remove and will reduce the non-stick properties of your cookware. Gastrolux® Vital-Oil is perfect for every dish. It has an unusual high smoke point of 220oC.


To deep-fry in general there are special items. If you are deep-frying in your pan you must not use more oil than a third of the filling capacity of your pan. The bottom of pan and hotplate must have the same diameter. You must observe your pan at any time and respect strictly the heat resistance of the oil you are using. Attention: Overheated oil can burn quickly. Be prepared to extinguish any fire with an extinguisher, lid, fabric or similar. It is absolutely forbidden to extinguish burning oil with water. Be carful with the dishes you are deep-frying. Wet or not properly prepared dishes can cause dangerous splashes.


With our premium product carful processing and handling and permanent quality-checks are self-evident. If ever during the first two Years a fault should occur - although the use- and care- instructions are strictly followed – we will replace the item for free and grant the remaining time of the two Years warranty. For the flatness of the bottom following the DIN rules the warranty is of ten Years. Furthermore we guarantee no matter of the age to recycle a pan you give us back. Black burnt and dirty pans, pots, special items and breakage of glass in either case are barred of any warranty. Insist the sales point notes date and number of your pan on the guarantee. Keep carefully the guarantee. Warranty treatments are possible only if the item is sent stamped and together with the original guarantee. Not stamped or no original guarantee means after notification the item is at your disposal.

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