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Aluminium Cookware

Aluminium is one of the small number of metals that can be used for cookware because it does not react chemically with (most) food and therefore does not alter the food's flavour.

The benefits of aluminium cookware:

  • Great heat conductor
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Does not rust
  • Resistant to many forms of corrosion

Aluminium can, however, react with some acidic foods to change its taste. Such foods include rhubarb, tomatoes, cabbage and a lot of soft fruits. We advise not using a pure aluminium cooking surface with these.

Many pots and pans are made from cast aluminium. Cast aluminium is thicker and stronger than sheet aluminium which is commonly used in bakeware.

All the brands that we sell are made from cast aluminium or heavy gauge aluminium including SKK Premium Plus, SKK Induction, Swiss Diamond, Berndes Signocast, Berndes Special Edition and Berndes Removable Handle range.

Hard Anodised Aluminium

Anodisation increases the thickness and density of the oxide layer on the surface of a pan. This increases its corrosion resistance and durability. Hard anodisation increases yet further the thickness of the oxide layer.

Infused anodised cookware takes one step further. It infuses the pan with an advanced release polymer which penetrates the surface pores and makes an ultra-smooth, non-porous, stick resistant cooking surface.

Aluminium and Health

In 1965, medical research linked aluminium with Alzheimer's Disease. However, not all experts agree on this link and indeed in 1997, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that they had found no evidence to say that aluminium posed a health risk to healthy people who were not exposed to aluminium through their job. WHO said there was no evidence that aluminium was a primary cause of Alzheimer's.

According to the government web site, a study found that approximately 20% of aluminium in the diet came from the use of aluminium cookware and foil, but other studies have shown that the use of aluminium cookware contributes little to dietary aluminium intakes.

According to the same government source above, cooking foods in aluminium containers increases the aluminium content in the food by less than 1 milligram per kilogram of food for about half of the foods that have already been studied, and less than 10 milligrams per kilogram for 85% of those foods.

Swiss Diamond has an aluminium base that does not have contact with food Swiss Diamond say that due to the hardness and thickness of their product, plus its nano-composite coating with diamonds, there is NEVER any chance that food comes in contact with the cast aluminium.

I believe that other quality brands llike SKK would say the same thing. SKK has 3 layers of ceramic plasma, primer and anti corrosion, between the aluminium base of the pan and the non stick coating, which provide strong protection between food contact and the aluminium base.

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