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Healthy Cooking, Fat Free Cookware

With all the current interest in cutting down fats and oils in cooking, there is an ever increasing market for cooking surfaces that can be used entirely fat free.

We currently have 3 recommendations for a fat free - or almost fat free - cooking alternative:

Swiss Diamond cookware also promotes itself as fat free. It has a cast aluminium base with a diamond infused non stick surface. This is traditional non stick but Swiss Diamond assure us that none of the PFOA remains in the product. In terms of being fat free, we have one of these pans and I have found that most cooking works well fat free. However, an omelette does stick slightly, and you could choose to add a some oil. When it does stick, it simply comes off with a wooden spoon so it is still very easy to clean.

Swiss Diamond, like most good quality non stick pans, such as SKK, is still contains PTFE, the vapours of which have been named as a carcinogen when heated over 235 degrees centigrade. Such pans are still passed by the National Food Agencies as safe because the risk is considered so slight.

Gastrolux Frying pans, sauté pans, griddles and woks, are made from a ceramic/titanium compound that forms pearls of liquid on the surface and can be cooked with entirely fat free - even omlettes or scrambled egg. In addition, the non stick surface contains

  • no PTFE, the compound which is found in the making of traditional non stick like Teflon, and has been named as a carcinogen by some, when heated over 235 degrees centigrade
  • no PFOA - a compound which was found to be a likely carcinogen and found in early generation non stick surfaces

Cast Iron Griddles Any good quality cast iron griddle or grill pan with flutes can be used with only a very light coating of the food with oil. It is seasoned with oil, and builds up a non stick surface that way but does need reseasoning from time to time

If you are interested in Staub (cast iron) Swiss Diamond and Gastrolux Frying pans, Crepe Pans, Saute pans, Woks, Griddles and Grill Pans, please see our sister site

NB Here is a link to some fat free recipes!

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