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Swiss Diamond Saucepan Availability

(30th May 2012 12:13)
Q I am finding it difficult to find a 20cms Swiss Diamond ... (More...)
I am sorry to report that Staub have discontinued their famous Round and Oval Staub Orange Cocottes. We only have a 22cms Round and an 11cm Orange left in stock!! Here are the links: (More...)

Staub Mussel Pot Portion Sizes?

(22nd November 2011 12:59)
Q I am interested in buying a, preferably large sized, Staub mussel pot . In your description of the pot you say it is a... (More...)

Staub Cocottes vs Le Creuset Cocottes

(7th November 2011 13:51)
We get asked alot by customers why they should buy Staub Cocottes rather than Le Creuset, when Staub is more expensive, so I thought it would help to confirm... (More...)

Staub Cocotte Bamboo Stand

(5th July 2011 14:56)
Q I wish to buy Staub Cocotte Stand Bamboo for 3 round mini cocottes. It is not on your website but can you get one for me? A We can order any Staub cookware for you, including the bamboo stand. Delivery can... (More...)

Special Offer Emile Henry Tagines

(27th June 2011 14:28)
I am pleased to say that we have a special sale offer on the Emile Henry Flame Tagine in the most popular colours of black, red and fig. Great... (More...)
Q What is the stock position on the Staub Saute Pan with Cast Iron Lid in... (More...)
Q. Are Gastrolux Saucepans available in UK with detachable handles? A. Yes, Gastrolux Pans can... (More...)
Hi, with the advent of Green Pan ceramic non stick pans there has been much greater interest in ceramic, PTFE free pan coatings. I have until very recently believed that Gastrolux was also a ceramic non stick pan, having been misinformed by... (More...)

Gastrolux Induction Cookware

(27th May 2011 12:04)
I am pleased to say that we have now received stock of our Gastrolux Induction Cookware. We have also bought some removable handles for the long handled pans so if any one would like to swop, do give me a call - 01363 881174 (More...)
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