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Hi, I think that the general "trade" consensus is that Demeyere Cookware and All Clad cookware are on an equal footing. Both are absolutely outstanding cookware ranges, used in top class restaurants. All Clad is better known in the USA, Demeyere is... (More...)
Hi, there is portion size advice given by Emile Henry with each of their Tagines. This is listed on each product on our website as follows: 25cm (16cm high, 1.1L - approx 2 - 4 person 32cm (22cm high), 2.5L - approx 4 - 6... (More...)
Sorry to take a while to come back to you. The bad weather has caused havoc! Delivery to Republic of Ireland would be £20. We do not have current stock, but as per the website, the delivery into us would be 2/3 weeks and then out to you.The... (More...)
Could you confirm the external measurements of the Staub Roasting Dish - I need to know if it will fit in my over? Thanks for your enquiry. We have looked into this and updated our website. It turns out the measurements on the site were... (More...)
Just to update all our customers, Staub have introduced a beautiful new dark blue to replace their traditional royal blue Staub Cocotte range. I personally think the new blue is deeper, more intense and more attractive colour. It is available on the... (More...)
The answer is yes, you can put a Gastrolux lid in the dishwasher without being concerned about causing damage. The Gastrolux saucepans are dishwasher safe in that you will not instantly ruin the pan, but many dishwasher powders are very caustic so that... (More...)
I have broken the lid of my black Emile Henry Tagine and wondered if you could supply me with just the lid? Hi, yes we can supply you with just the lid. We need to know the size of your Emile Henry Tagine, as well as the colour, to make sure... (More...)

New Staub Induction Tagines now available!

(5th November 2010 10:48)
I am pleased to let you all know that Staub have extended their range of cast iron Tagines, suitable for induction hobs. The Tagines have a cast iron black base and a choice of ceramic coloured peaked lids. The range was limited to a 20cms and 28cms... (More...)
I thought it might be useful to customers if I set out the exact warranty on the Staub Cocottes and other cookware. You should get a leaflet with your order giving you care and maintenance details, plus details of the warranty, but in case you loose... (More...)
Hi, I have an Aga that can get very hot. I have had trouble with cheap stainless steel pans denting and warping, which is difficult with the Aga's flat rings. Can you recommend a range to go for? Hi, there are some extremely good stainless... (More...)
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