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Hi, Can you get the Staub Vertical Chicken Roaster 24 cm? If so what is the cost as I would like 2. Mal. Thankyou for your enquiry. Yes, we can supply you with a Vertical Roaster from Staub. We have either a black or graphite grey in stock... (More...)
Dear Saucepan I am looking for the serving dish to go with my black emile henry tarte tatin dish - do you stock the serving plate? Where can I get one from?? Meinir Dear Meinir Thank you for your enquiry below. When you... (More...)
My current saucepans seems to burn food if I am simmering something ie curry or bolognese even though I have the hotplate on the lowest setting. I think I may need saucepans with a thicker base. I am using Criculon pans. Circulon pans... (More...)
I agree that the Staub Tagine image does look a little like there is a vent on the side near the peak of the top. However, I can confirm that there is no vent in it. From doing some research I would agree that some traditional Moroccan Tagines do have... (More...)
The recommendation from Gastrolux is that you can use "non sharp" utensils on a Gastrolux non stick surface without damaging it. However, personally, I think it is all too easy to use the edge of a metal spoon in a "sharp" way and I would... (More...)
The round or oval Staub cocottes can come with either a stainless steel or a brass knob in the lid. Usually we recommend to customers call if they have a clear preference so that we can ensure that they get the knob that they would like. The... (More...)
We always physically check each piece of Staub cookware that we sell before sending it out to the customer and have noticed ourselves that they are slight variations on the finishing right at the end of the enamel. We raised this with Staub.... (More...)
I am pleased to say that I have a new Eazigrip Saucepan Set featured on the website which is designed exactly for the people you describe. Here is the url to copy and paste into your... (More...)
You are right, Swiss Diamond pans ARE hard to find at the moment. The UK importer has stopped bringing in the pans. I believe that this is because the cost price has gone up so much, with all this implies for likely sales. However, I... (More...)
I understand that your first choice was the Swiss Diamond 16cms Saucepan. However, the Swiss Diamond does have a Teflon equivalent non stick material, albeit that none of the harmful PFOA component in the non stick material is present in the pans. The... (More...)
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